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Keep Your Memories Alive

Create your page a day calendar, journal or diary with the preset template for any year: the perfect tool to record and track your activities day to day, as diet, training, medical treatment, and to evaluate your progress with your dietician, trainer, physician, vet. Easy to print (92 pages, 4 dates per page), easy to share (in jpg or png format).
You can also use this program to create a beautiful photo journal or photo diary to keep your memories alive. With your own photos and your own words, you can record your adventures if you are traveler, or trace all the precious moments of your baby if you are new parent, or start a project to improve your photographic skills, or just record your everyday experiences, observations and feelings and enjoy your memories for years to come.
With this program you can easily design a 365 day custom calendar with your own digital photos, your favorite quotations. Easy and fun project! Print, cut and glue, or take it to a merchant and you will have a beautiful personalized tear off calendar ready to enjoy all year round. The perfect gift for family, relatives and friends!