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Standalone Program for Windows
64-bit/32-bit installer, download size 4MB

Instructions for Downloading: 

365Calendar is a small program not registered with Microsoft which might trigger warning messages like “not commonly downloaded”, “could harm your computer”, “don’t run” “unknown publisher”. Please disregard the messages and depending on the browser and the windows version you are using proceed as follows:
In Google Chrome: Click on the arrow right to the discard button and then choose “keep” to save the file.
In Internet Explorer: Click on “actions” on the right side of the delete button and then choose “run anyway” from the popup window.
In Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge: Click on “save”, go to Downloads and click on the file to install.
In Windows 10: Click on “more info” in the upper left corner and then choose “run anyway”.
The trial software is free, never expires, but it comes with watermark on all pages.

If you have any questions please email us at